Free beautiful A3 & A4 Wedding Albums

Yes! They’re here! Fresh from the press!! With my services for a full day of photography I provide you with a FREE Bloomin gorgeous A3 personalised wedding album.

Once you have your online gallery, and have carefully selected your cover and end photographs, I put together a highly personalised album for you to keep forever.

You can choose from either A3 or A4 and also whether you would prefer a Matt or Gloss finish for the overall feel. Then let your story unfold throughout the album.

I love delivering them to my clients, and getting wonderful feedback. Makes my job the best one ever!!




Cute urban ceremony in Camberwell

It was a beautifully sunny day in July, and my gorgeous couple Pauline and Jamie wanted to keep things beautiful and simple. Pauline originally from Orange County, (yes, what’s she doing here right!?) And Jamie from London fell in love whilst Pauline was travelling around the world. Whilst on her stopover here in London she met Jamie and the rest is history! With only Jamie’s family attending the wedding as Pauline’s are over in the US and yours truly taking the photographs, I felt really privileged to be with them on their special day. I also loved how they enjoyed their reception in Jamie’s sister’s garden nearby, complete with champagne and homemade cake. Delicious. After the wedding, I loved being able to give them a beautiful A4 Album, as well as their online gallery to share.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from their day in July.

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The Sea of Galilee Israel – and oh how so beautiful.

Last week I returned from a trip to the sea of Galilee in Israel. I ventured over firstly to see family, but as I never visited this part of Israel before, I couldn’t imagine the beauty that was awaiting me. It was stunning. I shouldn’t be surprised coming from a country with so many outstanding places to visit such a Jerusalem and Tel aviv but this was different. It was a slower pace here. It was a little more cafe culture and you really felt like you could blend into Israeli life and wave your bum bag good bye!

But I mostly loved the fascinating architecture. Incredibly old temple’s located next to a busy shopping area, the contrast in old and new was everywhere. With the mountains of Tiberias to one side, and the Sea of Galilee to the other. It made for interesting scenery.

With my 4 year old daughter in tow pestering me for every shekel on earth to ride the bouncy castle located on the promenade, I enjoyed the view whilst sipping on what can only be described as some kind of dodgy substitute for slush puppy. And slightly luke warm. Mmmmm tasty.

But It didn’t detract from the most amazing sunsets over a magical and spiritual place. I’m sure I’ll be back!

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